When we spend a lot of time with a couple we can feel the need to innovate a bit in the way we relate to it, although in reality, it is not a matter of time, because we can also get creative with people we know little or even with ourselves. The important thing is to let go and learn to enjoy our sexuality if that is what we want.


For this, there are multiple objects that can help you increase passion with your partner. Here we tell you about 10 sex toys to use as a couple that you will love.


1. The most common: vibrator

We’ve all heard about the vibrator, but have we tried it? The idea is to stimulate the G-spot and the woman’s clitoris to help her feel intense pleasure.


2. More vibration

A new type of vibrator that is being a trend in the market of sexual games is the one that has the shape of a C. What it does is enter the vagina at the same time that covers the clitoris and vibrates. It causes a lot of pleasure and leaves the space of the vagina free.


3. A simple support

Using a cushion with the right height can be a great sex toy to mash up or have sex. Sometimes a change in height or position is the key to pleasure.


4. Better erections: vibrating ring

With the vibrating ring, erections can be stronger and longer lasting, in addition to the movement of this sex toy helps to cause pleasure.


5. Subtle stimulation: Chinese balls

Chinese balls are softballs that are introduced into the vagina or anus to stimulate subtly.


6. A massage to prepare

Toys like couples massagers are used to prepare the body for sex or the desired relationship. These are devices that vibrate at different frequencies to relax the body and enjoy more.


7. The small details

Using aphrodisiac oils can make a significant difference in the passion between two people, by completely conquering the senses. Meet 10 aphrodisiac oils to seduce and have fun here.

8. For men: prostate massage

Although its practice is usually for medical purposes, prostate massage brings men closer to orgasm. It takes an anal introduction of the toy that can stimulate the prostate, although it can be done manually.


9. For women: clitoral stimulator

A sex toy to stimulate women is the clitoris stimulator, a key area in female pleasure.


10. Another classic: lubricants

The use of lubricants is also quite common, but that is not the least important. Lubricants contribute to making the penetration or stimulation more pleasant.


Remember that exploring your sexuality alone or in the company of another person is worthwhile because you have fun and you know yourself better. Just avoid hurting yourself or others, and remember to respect the tastes and limitations of others.


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