5 things a man does during sex when he is in love

It is not the same to have sex as to make love! When you have sex to satisfy your needs without involving the heart, these types of encounters are spontaneous, he may not be your boyfriend, you do not even like his personality, it is merely an impulse of hormones. Totally different from what happens when you involve your heart. Making love includes mutual orgasms, hugs and caresses followed. In short, finding a man who loves you is like winning the lottery.

The psychologist and executive director of the National Philosophical Counseling Association (NPCA), Elliot D. Cohen, explains the difference of both scenarios: Making love “implies having sex with feeling” (here our emotions are involved), but having sex ” it’s not always an act of love. ”

Obviously, the behavior he has under the sheets says a lot about his feeling towards you. Learn to identify those signs that tell you that he loves you because only a man in love behaves like that while he makes love to you.

1. “I love you”, “I want you”, “you are really beautiful”, “I love you” …

A man who really loves you will have no problem, much less grief to show his feelings. His only wish is that you feel so full with him that you enjoy the moment. The best part is that if you feel 100% connected with him and the feeling is reciprocal, your intimate life will be very satisfying, to the point that your relationship will be very healthy.

2. Look at you in the eyes

If your boy is not willing to divert his gaze from your eyes, he appreciates your features and attributes in a sweet way, it is likely that he is already in love. As ” Psychology Today” says , simple things like maintaining eye contact only show that your heart already has a mistress, and that is you.

3. Do you like to have oral sex?

The fact that he worries because you are satisfied speaks a lot about him and confirms that he is a gentleman. Of course, as fellatio does not involve pain because there is no penetration, it is a very gentle technique that he uses to please you, it also makes you feel with a better sense of humor, you have less stress, it improves the appearance of your skin and you even wear a lot happier.

He concentrates on reaching orgasm, but above all, he is aware that when you are trying to touch the top, you enjoy it. The man who really loves you will ask you the typical question, did you like it ? not to increase his ego, but to make sure you feel pleased with him.

4. Hugs you

How rich and necessary it is for you and for all women that your boy embraces them before, during and especially after having sex. The fact that I take you in your arms to rest is a sign that you are interested sexually, but also as your girl. This argument is confirmed by an investigation of the Archives of Sexual Behavior, which determined that those couples who spend more time showing affection after intercourse feel more satisfied with their sex life and in general with their relationship.

Experts believe that they represent a reward for the other person and confirm the power of touch to provide physical and mental benefits. It is a time when your sexual satisfaction increases and the relationship becomes more solid. Sure, he is in love and so is you.

5. Sleep with you

It is not the typical man who rests after 5 minutes, puts on his pants and runs almost running. Noooo! The one who really loves you feels so comfortable with you that besides thinking about formalizing with you, he feels happy at your side. At this point, Cohen says that when that man is in love and makes love to you, invest as much time as possible in being with you because he knows how to recognize that the sexual act is more than sexuality. It goes beyond getting into bed. What’s more, we give you an example. In Fifty Shades of Gray, Christian seduces Anastasia to fulfill his fantasies in the famous room of the games, but in his moment he worries about the satisfaction of his girl – you will remember when he made love for the first time -, which he ends up falling madly in love with. He says he has never slept with any of his women but dawns with Anastasia. In the end it is a fictional example that ends up confirming that if he sleeps with you after having sex, it is because you caught his heart. Congratulations!

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