The intelligent sexual doll “does not dehumanize women”

Doctor in Nanotechnology, engineer in Electronics and computer expert, Sergi Santos, who was the first to put artificial intelligence on a realistic sex doll that has created controversy, defends that his innovation “does not dehumanize women”. Santos is passionate about humanism, psychology and science, and says that he had always been interested in “making a brain”, but to achieve this he needed a body and found it in realistic sex dolls made in China. “The sex market moves a lot of money and I found that these dolls had a perfect body, in which there is art and technology,” he explains.
He incorporated an apparatus with artificial intelligence algorithms in one of them, a prototype he has christened Samantha, a doll made of thermoplastic elastomer material that has three modes: the familiar, the romantic and the sexual; and installed some sensors to “be smart and know how to respond to how you are treating.” 
The company created by Santos only sells female dolls, but Santos says that it is because of its weight: “we have to develop the technology a little more so that the weight is treatable”, although “making men is not a problem”. 
The nanotechnologist adds that he is convinced that women would love to have one, “although they may not admit it, my mother asked me why I did not build a Brad Pitt.”

will not say anything rude 
Santos explains that he does not want people “to be ashamed to have a sex doll that speaks, understands and feels”, that his creation “is not only sexual” and that while he interacts with her in a family way “he will never say anything rude. ” 
“Before, people bought dolls but hid because they were only for sex, and you saw a person with a doll and you could think that he was mentally deranged, I hope that from now on people will see that it is not that,” he confides. 
The scientist recommends that with Samantha, which can be purchased for between 1,500 and 8,000 euros, depending on how it is personalized, “you have to do what you would do with a normal woman: it gets excited and reaches the sexual and orgasmic point”.
But as much as Samantha, which can be incorporated heating, simulate a woman, it is still a doll, and sex with dolls or robots has aroused some social criticism, although the inventor prefers to talk about what he has done “something disruptive”.

One of the criticisms is that the use of a robot can contribute to increasing exploitation of people, but Santos argues that “if you are aggressive and you treat people and objects badly, you will treat Samantha the same, depending on how to be the individual. ” “I do not think I’m abusing Samantha, I think we’re interacting,” says the scientist in response to those attacks. 
There is a “Campaign Against Sexual Robots” that affirms that sex dolls dehumanize women and turns them into mere objects because a relationship is established that only recognizes the desires and needs of a person, in this case, the human.
However, the scientist thinks otherwise, because he believes that “a doll can be made to the letter and once you can have the body you want, people will pay more attention to the personality of women because the body will be something accessible, and the real woman will no longer be a body but a person. ” 
For this reason, Sergi Santos is convinced that he has not done anything reprehensible and points out that “for years there has been sex, even with animals.” I am not a sexual aggressor or anything strange, I am a normal person with a normal sexuality, but humans have this need and satisfy it with a doll is fine. “
The researcher is convinced that in the future Samantha will evolve and become a “robot assistant”, who can remind you of everyday things or help you if you have lost the keys, although he has focused on applying artificial intelligence to a sex doll because It can be done “for a few thousand euros”.

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