Realistic doll brothels: What are they, experiences, advantages, disadvantages and problems

Little by little, we are dealing with all the issues that surround the fascinating world of realistic sex dolls. Today we have to talk about the brothels of sex dolls, which luckily or unfortunately recently are on everyone’s lips.

These “brothels/brothels” are places where for a certain price the client gets some time alone with a realistic sex doll of TPE or silicone. In a way, it is a service of “renting” a sex doll to have sex, company, or to live a different experience. There are some who also offer home services and take the doll to the indicated address.

The price of the services can vary but usually costs around 80 euros / 100USD for one hour in the company of one sex doll.

This type of brothels/brothels are a recent phenomenon in countries of the West, but they have been working in Japan for many years, where the sexual preferences of each person are more respected than in the rest of the world and are lived more naturally.

If I’m not wrong, the first doll brothel outside of Japan was Lumidolls, in Barcelona (Spain), opened in 2017. The news of its opening (and the problems they had to establish themselves ) ran like wildfire. So much that in a matter of months dozens of brothels were opened in many countries: the United Kingdom, Germany, Ireland, France, Scotland, Italy, the Netherlands, etc., in parallel with the growth of the industry of this type of dolls.

Top photo: Realistic dolls brothel in France

I’m not going to cheat you. I have been in one of those “brothers” (I do not like that word to refer to dolls) and I have experienced the experience firsthand. Bad luck that I did not think of taking pictures to share here, but I proceed to tell in broad strokes how it was and the advantages and disadvantages that I see these services.

It was a year ago, right when I started my passion for dolls. I still did not have dolls of my own and I wanted to try in person what it feels like to be near one. In the city where I was living at that time they opened a place where I could try and I decided to go immediately.

The experience was good, pleasurable, although it was just at that moment where I learned that sex dolls weigh a lot and maneuvering with them requires some practice. But I was satisfied, as an experience, I was quite shocked. And not only that, it was from that experience that I began to collect love dolls and relate to the industry that makes and sells them. It was, in some way, the push that helped to strengthen my hobby.

Top photo: Doll from a brothel in Germany

To anyone who wants to use their services. They can be men of any age, from very young to old. Also women, or couples who want to have new experiences. There are even silicone dolls or TPE in the shape of a man, intended for gay men or women.

Anyway, although there are no official statistics, I suspect that 70% -80% of clients are heterosexual men (it is a personal impression, judging from the sex of the fans of these dolls that I know online).

Having sex with a doll is not like having sex with a woman. It is not even better or worse, they are different experiences. In no way does a doll replace a woman. Women have characteristics that dolls do not have and vice versa.

A woman can offer things that a doll cannot:

Human warmth
Certain odors that activate desire.
Body fluids.
Active role in sex.
Reactions to your movements and actions.
A doll can offer things that a woman cannot (or it costs):

He says no to anything.
He accepts you as you are.
It is always ready.
It does not judge you.
You can dress as you want whenever you want.
You can smell as you want whenever you want.
Visually it can be exactly how you like it, without missing or anything.
With it, you can fulfill fantasies that a woman would be impossible, illegal, or both.
For the record that although it says “woman”, it is equivalent to “person”, the same applies if you are a woman and you are attracted to realistic dolls in the shape of a man.

Top photo: Putting lingerie on a doll in a brothel in Germany

Is it better to buy a love doll or rent it in a brothel?

This list is based on my own experience after having tried sex in a doll’s brothel, and after more than a year having my own dolls (I currently have five and the sixth is on the way).

Brothel advantages:

It is ideal to try “what it feels like to be with a doll” for a small fee, before buying your own Sex doll, which is much more expensive.
You can care less about the doll than if it were yours. Clarifying that even in a brothel you must be careful with her, because they usually charge a bond that you return at the end, in case you damage the wrist. But it is obvious that if the doll is yours, you will feel that such a special object must be treated with exquisite care.
You do not have to worry about wiping the wrist when it’s over, usually the brothel itself.
Do not run the risk of having the doll kept at home and that someone discover it by accident.
Disadvantages of the brothel:

Time is limited and you will always know little. With your own doll, the time of enjoyment is unlimited.
Although it is cheaper than having your own doll, it is relatively expensive. With what you spend on going about 8 times, you would have already paid for your own doll.
The atmosphere can be cozy, but I personally prefer the intimate atmosphere of my own home, which I can create and modify as many times as I want.
Other clients also use the doll you are wearing.
Advantages of buying your own doll:

The doll will be personal, totally customized with your own tastes.
It is literally 100% yours, you do not share it with anyone.
Unlimited time of enjoyment.
Absolute availability that only depends on you, and not on the number of customers that may be in a brothel.
More intimate and family atmosphere, your own home.
Disadvantages of buying your own doll:

Price more expensive than going (from time to time) to a brothel.
You must do the regular maintenance of the doll: cleaning, application of talcum powder, etc.
You must have at home a place to keep her, her and all her accessories and clothes.
Seeing all this list, I would personally summarize it in that once you buy a doll in property the brothels may not interest you anymore. But if you do not have a doll, they are an interesting option to familiarize yourself with this type of products.

Top photo: the Typical doll of the WM Dolls brand that is offered in many brothels

“Problematic”, to call it in some way. It is not debated whether the rental of sex dolls could be an alleged criminal offense or not. It is not. Sex dolls are legal in practically everyone, there can be no debate on this.

In any case, the debate would be whether it is moral or not, taking into account that the mere existence of the service may offend some people. This simply means that there is someone who does not like it, but it does not mean that someone is being objectively caused any harm.

It is known how many problems these premises have. Without going any further, in France, some deputies are asking for its closure for “encouraging rape” (dolls?).

In Scotland a brothel had to close due to neighborhood problems, in Barcelona (Spain) they had to move because of problems with the activity license, although they could relocate to another place.

It is usually feminist sectors that argue against. They believe that dolls “objectify” women, that they “foment the culture of rape”, that some dolls “look like girls”, that they pretend to “replace women”, etc. Should all other sex toys, such as dildos, be banned?

I could rebut each of these ideas, but I think it is not necessary. I prefer that each person have their own opinion. I’m not here to convince anyone, just to inform, bring some light and naturalize the business of realistic sex dolls. I would like the mere information I offer to be sufficient to understand that society can not, and should not, judge the intimate sexual behavior of people, if they do not harm anyone, as in this case.

It is possible that, although it is very clear that some of us see that there is no harm in this hobby, society is not prepared for what there is and what is to come, such as sexual robots. If today seems realistic and already causes some rejection in some sectors, imagine what will be in a few years.

Anyway, the market does not ask for moral opinions or permission from anyone. If the technology exists and there are enough people with resources for there to be a market, there will be.

Thank you to all for reading me. I think I have written the most complete article that exists about doll brothels, with first-hand information. I would appreciate it if you shared it. And sure you have an opinion about it, your comments and contributions are very welcome.🙂

PS: In the case of sex dolls “with the appearance of a girl” I can understand that they generate controversy. Although personally, I would never prohibit them, if so much social rejection causes the problem could be solved simply by selling them without sexual holes. It is not the subject of this article, I talked about it in this post.




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